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Vor Internationale Awards Vor

EyeCandy "...Your site was visited today by Eye Candy and reviewed. Your score was over 90. This qualifies you as an Eye Candy Site (and a damn good webmaster)...
...Your scores came back as follows:
Composition - 25
Focus - 21
Mechanics - 23
Creativity - 24
Total - 93 points
...Eye Candy Sites are prestigious indeed. Only the top 5% of all web sites will ever get this award... "

Wynterhawk "...I couldn't read a word of it but it looked good so congratulations, your site has received my award!...
...Thanks for allowing me to visit your site!..."

FAR*OUT "I visited your page and was very impressed.
I feel sad that I coldn't read it, but it was very pleasing to the sight for me anyway.
You've done a fine job!!
Of course you may have my FAR*OUT award.
It is my pleasure to present it to you."

ShiningStar "...I looked over your site and although I couldn't read anything, your site is very nicely laid out and is therefore worthy of my award.
I have already added your page to my Galaxy of Stars... "

LuckyAWARD "Congratulations!! You have just received the Lucky 7: Best Of The Web Award...
...Great page!!"

DarkElf "...Your page is fantastic and I commend you on the good work.."

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